Christopher Hatzimihail
Managing Director


Christopher began working with the family business in October 2000 as an Autoglass Technician Apprentice. Qualified as a Computer Technician, the change of industries was rewarding.


Now as Managing Director, Christopher has evolved the business through name changes, Trusty Car Body Repairs, to Trusty Windscreens, and now the Trusty Glass of today. Originally spanning the panel works & Autoglass industries, Christopher has grown and specialised the business to become Central Australia’s leading Automotive Glass, Tinting and Flat Glass company.


Steven Hatzimihail
Original Proprietor


Steve started Trusty Car Body Repairs in 1979, and has since handed over ownership to Christopher. Originally as a Panel Repair business, Auto glazing services were automatically carried out by Panel Beaters as part of their trade.


Steve significantly grew and expanded the business into the largest Autoglass & Panel Repair company in Central Australia. Over time Steve modified the business structure into providing predominantly Autoglass services by late 1990’s.


Andre Meijer
Operations Manager


Andre comes from a background in hotel and business management and was area manager at Hertz in Central Australia before making the career change to Trusty Glass in 2011. As a friend of the family and carrying all the caring and trustworthy attributes we value in our employees, Andre was perfect for the role of Operations Manager.


Andre’s experience in the Automotive industry and passion for following new release vehicles in the marketplace, allows him to identify any car glass requirement with ease. Andre’s exceptional customer service skills make him an asset to the company, along with his logistical operating skills he is also a valuable and irreplaceable member of our team.


Shannon McCallum
Autoglass Technician Level III & Flat Glass Glazier


Bringing knowledge and experience in the flat glass glazing industry with him when he joined the team in 2005, it wasn’t long before Shannon became the leading technician at Trusty Glass. As the longest serving member of our team, Shannon has become ‘part of the furniture’ and it is difficult to imagine the company without him!


Shannon’s experience in complicated Autoglass installations and his eye for detail allows him to tackle any job with confidence and ability to create a perfect job, every time. Shannon is also our flat glass glazier, with 12 years of experience, there is no flat glass challenge he is unable to handle. A true knowledge of the glass industry and all aspects of glazing makes Shannon our leading hand, and an invaluable member of the Trusty Glass team.

anne marie

Anne-Marie Jansen
Customer Service & Administration


Anne-Marie originally joined the Trusty Glass team in 2005. After 3 years of her services, Anne-Marie moved on to start a family and continue her passion of working in the Floristry industry.


Through Trusty Glass’s expansion, the business grew to a point where a full time administrator and customer service officer was required. The Company is lucky to have Anne-Marie back on board since early 2018, completing all invoicing, customer services, and background operations work. Anne-Marie is one of the friendly people you will speak to and meet when giving us a call, or coming into our office.


Tyler Harris
Apprentice Autoglass Technician Level III


Tyler joined the Trusty Glass in 2017. Coming on board with a high level of Automotive Mechanical experience, Tyler has integrated into the Autoglass industry with ease, and promotes excellence in customer care and quality repair jobs.


Tyler is striving to become a fully quailed Autoglass Technician in the coming year, and is a highly valued member of our technical team.


Louie Salvador
Autoglass Technician


Louie joined the Trusty Glass team in early 2019, and originates from the Philippines. Louie has extensive experience in the Autoglass replacement and repair industry, having worked in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia.


Louie brings ‘world car’ Glazing experience to our team, having worked on many types of vehicles and equipment not available in Australia.


Bryan Tinsay
Autoglass Technician & Tinter


Bryan joined the Trusty Glass team in early 2019, and originates from the Philippines. Bryan has extensive experience in the Automotive Glazing industry, Flat Glass cutting industry and is also a highly experienced tinter.


With such an array of skills, Bryan brings an extra level expertise and confidence to all facets of the Trusty Glass team.